Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Recovery is sexy, hip, smart, fun, and playful!!!

Unlike discovery, which means to find something for the very first time, recovery means to find something one has lost but once possessed. In all addictions, the essential self is the thing that gets lost, hidden, removed, diminished. Once you are able to loosen the grip of the addiction (any addiction, from drugs and alcohol, drama addiction, sex and love addiction, smoking, gambling, shopping, bad relationships and addictions to other people…), there is the process of returning to one’s essential self. We have found that journey back to one’s core self is illuminated by the support you have around you. In Los Angeles, we are surrounded by a network of amazing support, like nowhere else in the world. We want to share this community with the rest of the world; our mission is to help connect the dots between simply ‘not using’ and ‘life in recovery’ by showing how we do it, and bringing people together from all over the world. With the technology available today, we are able to create a global tribe of recovery, and that is what we intend to do. We will be offering a line up of PSAs and documentaries, original content programs, interactive talk shows, short films, and viewer submissions. 247 will be hosting viewer submission contests every three months and accepting any submissions with a theme of recovery from any and all addictions; this will be your channel to express your views or connect to someone else’s experience, strength, and hope.We also have our sober social networking site and dating site, to create a triumvirate of recovery to support the 247 Recovery Community. Modern Recovery is a lifestyle that kicks in once the addictive urges are lifted. It’s the life beyond your wildest dreams, one baby step at a time. We are having a lot of fun putting this thing together; we are learning a lot about ourselves and exactly how to carry the message of service, clarity, and hope to the world in a fun, sexy, spiritually playful way. This is a work in progress and a labor of love, so please enjoy the channel, become a part of the social networking site, www.mysoberspace.com, and join us in this revolutionary endeavor!

We are not affiliated with any particular program of recovery or 12 step program. We simply want to reach out to people and allow a place for people who are looking into, struggling to achieve, trying to maintain, or enjoying the fruits of a sober life.

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